Chupacabra, 7Dismembered Coatlicues and A Centaur Born With Schistosomus Reflexus: Rotating on Planet Ad2.Citlali, 2019

A Centaur Born With Schistosomus Reflexes: Rotating on Planet Ad2. Citlali, 2019
7ft by 5ft
Yellow twine, horse hair,  2 mariachi sombreros, goat leg, a found braid of hair, white Fruit of the Loom underwear, found human hair, trash, bull horns, silicone. 

Chupacabra, 2019

My own; underwear, black leather jacket and old black t shirts that no longer fit. belts from my uncles store in Mexico and old mexican belts of my grandpa. Red mariachi sombrero, Britta handle, plastic shards from an accident on Lee st., toothpast bottle cap, hair, sequins.
5ft by 4ft

Taco, 2019
Brown sombrero, mariachi sombrero, bull horns, sheep rug, silicone, socks, underwear, sequins.

Detail shots

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