So U Thot it Was A Chupacabra Eating Ur Goat…Well Guess What Patricia, Its Actually Quetzalcoatl Come Down For Lunch (2019)


Old used white socks, wood pedestal, cement, twine, white dog hair, moose pelvic bone, sand bags, welding rods, green sombreros, hamster wheel, bull horn, goat horn, clay from the James River, silicone, latex gloves, sequins.


Luchador mask and tail from a previous performance, silicone, my clothes, fox talons, welding rods, lint, goat horns, car parts found on Broad St., clay from the James River, wood pallet


Clay from the James River and severed cow tongue in alcohol both used in a previous performance, yarn, twine, goat legs, silicone, cat skull, found earpods, silicone, found wood, plexi, LED, fox tail hair, bullet casing, zip ties, bailing wire, old TV wire parts found by the Rio Grande on the border between El Paso, New Mexico, and Juarez MX.

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