Inside the Bowels of the Hoofed Beast 

44R, 2020

Green cleaning cloth, green brooms, cow horns, my white socks and T-shirt, mariachi sombrero, zip ties, circuit boards found of the border, copper wire, metal car piece I found on the road when I had to walk to get my truck cus it got towed, stop saw brake cartridge, silicone, loofa, sequins.

Dimensions variable

Sopa de Ostión, 2020

Mariachi sombrero, white polo, toothpaste cap, vaping cartridge, Topo-Chico cap, hair, black bean silicone molds, silicone

25 x 15 x 8 inches

Antifreeze/Jade, 2020

Boots, bull honrs, horn tips, white T-shit,  goat leg, silicone

44 x 15 x 6 inches

Lil Quetzalcoatl, 2020

Two brooms/escobas, socks, horn tips, cow pelt, horse whip, rocks, polo shirt, silicone, steel rod. 

75 x 10 x 5 inches

Lil Quetzalcoatl is a deep cleaner. Lil Q uses its filament teeth to go around picking up the most intimate residue of our body; flacky skin, the hair that flings itselft from our legs, the pubes that curl down gravaties path like a pigeon feather a top a six floor skyscrapper, the lint from the laundromat on 175 St, barely hovering off the ground into its path.  The fallen silver sequin loose from an inexpensive dress: desperate to shine on its own. The Roomba wishes. 

Araceli23220, 2020

Mariachi sombreros, cow horn, horn tips, black boots, white T-shirt. white socks, cow hide, silicone, twine, lint, poly-fil, trash, clothes rack.

42 x 20 x 18 inches, sculpture
63 x 37 x 18.5 inches, frame

Citlali_chimuela2.0 + My Socks and Delfina Hang There + Trenza, 2020

Horn tips, bed sheets from my twin bed, my uncles ostrich boots and belt, zip ties, goat leg, apple mouse, cow pelt, fiber fill, trash, steel rod, silicone, owl feather, yellow twine found in the rummage of illegal desert dumping in New Mexico, jabon zote, black twine, bones, bones tossed aside when tamales were made, hanes socks, snake skin.

Dimensions variable