Untitled, 2017
Plastic istle, wood, lil adobe from Ojinaga, clothes dipped in porcelain clay; shorts that I wore the day I legged pressed 720 pounds, a sweater on the day I hugged my mother on Christmas Eve. The sock that no longer has a twin. Pants that ripped on the bottom of my zipper cause it tamale season. A white t-shirt stained with armpit sweat. Bikinis, calzones, and a white jockstrap when I was really young and brave enough to ask the sport store sales associate where they at. Little did I know white culture had made websites catered to them. 

A Star Wars Walker and R2D2 in The Chihuhuan Desert, 2017
Boots filled with adobe clay, branches, blue silk tie, wasp nest, yucca sed pod, blanket, porcelain clay 

No te Vayan a Picar, 2017
Clay pot, rusted barb wire from the desert, feathers of a pigeon that got eaten by a cat, squished beer can, onw black crow feather, cactus picked up with a wooden clothepin

Untitled, 2017
ceramic pot, pink mexican sombrero, orange mexican cloth, wire

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