The Moths that Drink the Tears of Sleeping Lizards (2021)

White fender when my Russian Uber was cursing every driver in LA after I went to get pho and yoghurt ice cream in K-town. Two welding rods, goat leg, white keyboard, headphones, birkenstocks, silver fender from Tucson with lil critters already claiming it. Five Mexican sombreros when my parents went to Ojinaga for a huge family reunion but they were the only ones to show up, really large zip ties, rabbit pelts, horn tips, cardboard, spells, curses, and affirmations. Storm trooper mask, old glove falling apart, bones, part of a PVC pipe that I used as a walking stick to walk up a hill to bury a hawk next to a Saguaro, pigmented silicone, white t-shirt with a NASA logo that reads “I NEED MY SPACE.”

The Lil Rat that Made it on Board the Ship (2021)

My very very large black t-shirt that I smeared with pigmented dragon skin silicone. Welding wire, black zip ties, black and green sewing string, rabbit pelt, horn tips, half a horn, nail polish, dirty socks because Timoh was washing his calzones and I couldn’t wait, emerald powdered pigment, car fender, black car part, possed bouncing ball.