A being that guides the souls of centaurs into the afterlife, 2022+1

Claws so big made of splintered horns that sometimes get tangled in it’s own flesh, that they become ingrown nails. The cannibalized arms of two possessed mutants from ASCO documentary, grey sweet pants that showed hints of temptation but are now smeared with dragon skin silicone, found plexi: broken and made to look like chards of glass that sit atop of the brick walls of my aunts house, luchador mask to hide a disfigured face that isn’t there, one cowboy boot, and a mariachi sombrero from Coyoacán where I spent most of my days going to the Cineteca Nacional.

1. Suite Pour L’invisible by Ana Roxanne, 2023

2. The painting of Remedios Varo where the moon drops a dangling soul into the pensive, 2023

3. Mater Lachrymarum, 2023

 Lil Hell Hawk, 2023