A Sexy Bat Pushing Its Hair Back Like a Greaser, 2022

Materials:piece of a straw hat sombrero, black long and small zip ties, black t shirt, pigmented dragon skin silicone, part of a tire part, small piece of a car fender, dyed rabbit pelt.

giving 12 by 9 inches 

Larva form of the Harkonnen pet seen on Denis Villeneuve rendition of Frank Herbert’s Dune, 2022

*pedalstal included (no pun inteded)*

Black t-shirt, pigmented silicone, horn tips, pigmented black rabbit pelt,bike  pedal found on lost dog trail.

giving 19 by 4 inches 

Me: “Where the hell you been, loca?” “under a half crescent moon” : replied a being curddled in its own thots. 2022 

pigmented dragon skin silicone, horn tips, broken plexi, zip ties, white sombrero brim, rabbit pelt. 

giving 16 by 9 inches

The Star Card Reversed and The Queen and King of Wands, 2022

White piece of a fender I found in K-town, long zip ties, small zip ties, broken plexi, horn tips, rabbit felt, lil bluegray plastic part I found in downtown El Paso when I went to EPMA and saw an exhibition with Tod Oldham, the famous Versace gold pin dress and a video piece by Mariko Mori. 

giving 21 by 9 inches 

Did I crack the heads of three guards to steal Montezuma’s headdress from the vitrine in a museum in Vienna? Maybe so...,2022 

pigmented silicone, smoll green mariachi sombrero, zip ties, plexi chard, circuit board, rabbit pelt, pipe part for eye found on lost dog hiking trail, T shirt

giving 14 by 14 inches 

Meta Angels and a drop of Transubstantiation, 2022

white pigmented silicone, horn tips, plexi glass chard from when I was in Tucson, smoll sombreros from the market in Juarez when I kept going to get my tooth fixed, large zip ties, smoll zip ties, t shirt. 

giving 13 by 7 inches