Gloria Gloria, Balenciaga 2010 FW/RTW by Nicolas Ghesquiere, and Kate Moss as a hologram for Alexander McQueen. (2022)

Car parts found on the side of the road to Palm Springs, pigmented silicone, cannibalized skin from the ‘The Moth that Drinks the Tears Off Lizards,’ sequins, rabbit pelt, my aunts right boot (given to me because she couldn’t find the left one), welding rod that mi asistente put together, underbelly of my clothes sewn together by my mother, zip ties, large zip ties, white mariachi sombreros from ‘A Centaur Born With Schistosomus Refleus,’ rear view mirror, NASA t-shirt that reads “Give Me My Space,” bones of ‘Patricia,’ horn tips, my white t-shirt and Karla’s white skinny legend tank top.