My White Sock Hangs There, uprooted. Among Other Things (2018):
Size 34 pants that fit too tight. Snake skin from Bernadette’s back yard. Hilo de mercado Juarez en la calle 16 de Septiembre. Blue silk tie from the time I wanted to be fancy when I worded at SEARS as a cashier, and got fired for being blamed to have given a KitchenAid mixer to a lady Mennonite. Seed pods from the Yucca  shrub. White gym shorts. White and pink yarn from Savers and Waltmart. Nudes taken near the border. Wood from so many walks in the dry river. Plastic containers as a small gesture of cleaning a bit after it’s given me so much. Metal rodsfrom a GECU bank that’s been demolished, where I once wore really nice fitted pants after having gone to a job interview. The teller was like “who is she, what is she wearing?” Little did she know I had gone to deposit 1.42 dollars into an account that was to become overdraft.

cascaras, 2018

my clothes, plastic istle, adobe clay from the Rio Grande, plaster, polyurethane.

The Bitch Fits, 2017
Adobe mud from the Rio Grande, owl claw, crane claw, clothes, pink string, white socks, wood, plastic istle

Queer Ancestros, I Envoke You,
adobe clay from the Rio Grande, boots, pink conchas, owl wing, plastic istle, ceramic pink balls, flora and fauna from the Rio Grande Desert

queer ancestors, I invoke you.
With this string that hold us together I invoke u
With flowers and land from the desert
With owl wings from that time in marfa
With a shirt smeared red from my moms Chile Colorado she made on a Tuesday
With my fathers orange work shirt
With a black leather belt with too many punctured holes from the times my waist billowed or shrunk
With pink conchas that I bought from a neighborhood Walmart that will soon gentrify it’s community.
I invoke u with the sweat from the times I said I couldn’t
I invoke you with the tears from the time I finally could
I invoke u with blood from getting punctured on the wheel barrel
Into these vessels I made for you

Juanga, Chavela, Pedro Lemebel, Anzaldua
Ancestros míos
And the rest of u, unnamed
I call to u
Stand beside me, on this journey
As you’ve always have
Los invoco
Vengan a mí
Into this body
My body
Walk with me
Pose with me
Twirl with me
sing with me
Cry with me
Ur alegria
Ur suffering
Let it guide me

Im calling out legends and stars
Legends and stars 
Legends and stars

Tendedero de Hombres: A femme queen once told me “patriarchy can be hot sometimes” I said “bitch tru” (2018)

I found you attractive in the way your white Hanes t-shirt hanged from your shoulders. In the way frijoles dripped from your sweater when you took a bite from an overstuffed burrito. The way you just cleaned it off with onve finger and dirint bother that your sweater was stained. I found you attractive in the way your pointy boots taper up to your body, your thighs, then the bulge of your sex. Your stitched belt that broke upper and lower self: to pick and choose. Your hairy ass, tu pansa, your armpits that smell like a dead log of a tree when you turn it over: tarantula hairs, pelitos.

This life that you lead, made for you. Not this duality in me. You, so masculine, but not when you moan bitch. Yey your cum on my face, my silver chain bouncing from my chest as I make my way with my hand and face to touch your wet lips and your eyebrows holding raindrops of sweat to fall on my skin.

Before I turn to PornHub and search “gay hairy Latin ass.” Before this site makes to exotify our bodies. Before they call us papis. Let me do that for you. Pinchi Guey. 

Cascaras en Juarez, 2018

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